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The Phone Saga


So my phone fritzed out while I was out of town…

It went down like this:  I was in Virginia Beach with nine of our writing team gals preparing for a retreat for thirteen of our readers.  A gal from Wichita Falls and I were using a vehicle of one of the writers to head to the airport to pick up several of our readers.  I used the map on my phone to help us and we headed off.  

After about 20 minutes or so, we noticed that the map wasn’t staying up with our driving.  And it wasn’t because we were driving faster than our guardian angel could keep up with.  As we neared a dead end in a neighborhood, we realized that we were not where we should be.  I know, we are fast to catch on!  We paused and pushed a few buttons on my phone but it just kept searching for service.  

At this point, it was obvious, even to us, the phone was not working properly.  The owner of the vehicle had told us she had a GPS of some variety in the console.   We reached for it but we were unsure even how to use one.  We punched a few buttons and out came this voice, “Depart, depart!”

Okay, that was strange…

The voice sounded literally like the voice of a she-devil.  Freaked me out.

My mind immediately jumped to the most obvious conclusion.  Quantico was very near where we were…  I am sure the military caused some sort of EMT force field around our vehicle.  

Have you ever researched what kind of work goes on at Quantico?  You will totally agree with my conclusions.

My phone never recovered.  I was unable to communicate with my family unless I was in wifi zone, and then I could IMessage or facebook message.  It was so strange.  

And when my flight plans completely fell apart, I had to purchase wifi hours just to keep the family somewhat abreast of the situation, which changed every hour.  Have you ever tried to find a pay phone recently?

The morning after I returned home, I rushed up to the AT&T store where I got the phone just three weeks earlier.  They asked if I had tried this or that trick to reset the phone…Yes, I had tried those tricks and more.  

By noon I was waiting with eight hundred people in the Apple store in the mall.  When the little youngster was ready to assist us, we went running into his arms.  His name was Boston, like the group or the town.  He told us that his parents liked the group.  I told him to be thankful they didn’t like Queen.  He played around with the phone, of course to no avail.  I informed him of the reason I believed it fritzed.  He laughed at first but when my smart college boy read to him from the internet about what goes on at that base, well, we made a believer out of him.  Especially when I got to the demonic voice speaking out of the GPS.  

I think he was sad to see us go that day.  We were probably the most fun he had seen in a while…

The phone was replaced so no more force field destruction.  The backup on the computer didn’t exactly work but somehow all of the last week’s pictures returned.  I just don’t have the text messages for the past week.  

Which may be good if you were getting requests from me to hang blinds or do odd jobs because I won’t have any record of asking you.  But if I promised to do something for you, well, don’t hold your breath…


Anonymous to Me, But God Knows…

Anonymous to Me, But God Knows…

A few weeks ago I was looking at my bank accounts online.  I don’t do that as often as I should which drove Mr Mark crazy.  I lived by the “How can I be out of money? I still have checks left!” motto.  

So I was looking at my accounts and I noticed a much larger amount of money in one account – the account that was set up by friend/neighbor Ann Butler.  I knew that I had not added money to the Mark Dyer Memorial Account but there was a large deposit right there in black and white.  I immediately called the bank, knowing I must have made a terrible mistake.  She assured me that someone had made the deposit into my account.  Huh?  One year later and someone thought to do this?  I couldn’t believe it.  She was going to tell me whose name was on the check but I told her not to, in case they wanted to keep it anonymous.

As the weeks went forward, I kept pondering this deposit.  This secret depositer.  Was he/she a close friend?  Was it someone in my extended family?  Was it someone from church or Bible study? Who was this mysterious depositer?

This week I went into my bank to sign a paper for something.  I love my bank. I will shamelessly plug them right here.  BancFirst.  Locally owned and they know me by name.  That is the best part.  I walked in and the gal greeted me.  As I was cashing a couple of my kids’ checks for jobs they had done for people, she said, “Oh, I have something for you.  I have been saving it in a drawer.”  

Hmmm.  A wad of cash?  A free loan?  What could it be?  She came back to the teller counter and handed me an envelope with a card in it.  The card was from the mystery depositer.  They didn’t even know me personally but knew my “story”.  They knew they were to give this money to us as we started the new year.  Wow.  I just stood there, tears brimming in my eyes.  

People, you do not know how these events completely humble me.  These events teach my kids so much more about God and His loving care than I could ever teach them with just my words.  God’s people doing God’s work.  Just when I think I am doing okay, doing this life thing on my own.  Who am I kidding?  I cannot do this life thing withou God or without my “village”.  Another hug from God.  And my children see these and will be reminded of them as they grow up.  We can talk about them throughout the years as “pegs” to hang our faith on.  Times when our faith was lifted.

And for this…I want to thank you.  I cannot even say enough.  My kids and I can’t wait until we can do these same things for others.  We have been so blessed and I just wanted to brag on God for just a moment.  

Matthew 6:1, 3,4 (the Msg)

Be especially careful when you are trying to be good so that you don’t make a performance out of it. It might be good theater, but the God who made you won’t be applauding…When you help someone out, don’t think about how it looks. Just do it—quietly and unobtrusively. That is the way your God, who conceived you in love, working behind the scenes, helps you out.

The New Has Arrived!

The New Has Arrived!

The time has arrived!

The new has come!

Our new website has been launched!

Please stop by soon and check us out…

This is the scoop.  Our ministry to widows continues but we have been praying about what comes next.  Where do widows go when they are ready to move forward?  At some point most widows want to move into some new season.  Our hope is that we can help women heal through the encouragement of Scripture and other widows  who have walked their journey.

We began thinking and praying about an umbrella ministry and decided to call it aNew Season.  As widows move out of just wanting encouragement through the early stages of widowhood, we have another place for them to go for encouragement.  Take a look at the ladies I write with and their stories.  Each one is unique but so similar.  I am so blessed to be given this opportunity to write with them.  They are wonderful godly ladies that I could have been friends with even without the sisterhood of widowhood.

And if you have ideas for us to write about, please let us know.  Maybe you have questions on helping a widow friend or a widow relative.  Let me know.

My biggest responsibility over the past few months has been working on a book for our group.  I have put together our articles in a devotional format.  I will certainly alert you when it is in print!  Other ladies have planned retreats for us and our readers.  Others are writing articles and encouraging ladies that stop by to comment on our facebook page.  Some are hurting so badly.  Pray that we have wisdom to say the right words to them.

So, to wrap up here, please remember to pray for our group over the next couple of weeks.  We have a retreat in Virginia where we will finally get to meet each other, most for the first time.  We.  Can’t.  Wait.  I want to laugh and cry and sing with these ladies so much!  We will meet at the beginning of the week for direction for the ministry and then we have over ten of our readers who are coming to be loved on and encouraged in their own journey.  We.  Can’t.  Wait.  Pray that all the children of the widows will be well cared for while we are meeting and that the weather will cooperate so there are no delays.  Pray that we will be unified and loving.  Pray that we will listen to God’s direction for His ministry that we are being entrusted with.  Pray for our hearts to be knit together in a special way.

This is a ministry none of us would have ever dreamed we would be involved in.  But it is our new season.

Mighty Warrior Princess


judges612bI posted an article this morning at AWM.  I haven’t been very active on my blog lately because since back in November I took on the responsibility of putting together a book for our writing team.  It has been quite an undertaking and I have learned so much.  I believe it is nearly finished, at least as far as my novice eye sees.  Pray for our widow ministry when you think of it.  We are reaching so many hurting women with the encouragement from God’s Word.  It is truly humbling.  Would you pray for protection for us and that we would seek God’s direction as we meet together this month?  The writing team is going to meet and then later some of our readers are joining us.  We are so excited and there are so many details to come together.  Thanks for not letting go of me, even when I haven’t written in a long while.

Have a great week, friend.