It’s That Time of Year Again

It’s That Time of Year Again

Back to School…

It always brings a plethora of mixed emotions.

I wrote this a year ago and think someone needs to read it this year. Back to School

We all know a single parent. Probably, honestly, we know many more than just one. In fact, since I wrote that last year, I know of several more. Please keep these ideas in mind as you prepare for your coming school year.



This year I will be sending Stephen to study for a year in England. You can pray for my parenting from far away. I REALLY want to go visit though… He has worked all summer at the Science Museum of Oklahoma. Before you get excited that he was putting his grand education to use, he worked in the concession stand! He has played with the rest of us in the church orchestra this summer. It has been so nice having all of us together this summer.




I have a senior. We have already taken our senior pictures and they turned out wonderful. If you need to take pictures, I would highly recommend Coach Lyons at Josiah is taking a decent load of classes plus band and swimming. We are very excited about this coming year. He is continuing his time with Expeditions in Etiquette, where he is one of the teen ambassadors.He is continuing his saxophone playing, alto, tenor, and bari.



I have another high-schooler this year, entering tenth grade. Caleb is our first to try his hand at Francis-Tuttle during the school day. He will be taking computer science and his math and science every morning at this campus. He is looking forward to forging his way on a new path. He is still continuing cross country but has had to let his band career come to a screeching halt. After much prayer and discussion, we felt that doing the computer science was a better match. He had a great summer trip to Dominican Republic with his church team.  Expeditions in Etiquette is also one of his extra curricular activities. His great joy has been playing guitar with the “praise team” in the youth area at church. He even gets asked once in a while to play in the main service.




The girls are entering eighth and sixth grades. They are at different campuses but head out to the bus stop at the same time. Erin is playing oboe at school but flute in the church orchestra. Mary Grace is beginning clarinet this year. It is so nice to already have so many instruments to choose from! The girls also participate in Expeditions in Etiquette. It has been such a great experience. Erin had a big singing part in the school play last spring and did a fantastic job. She is looking forward to more drama this year. This summer, she went with the church to minister in St Louis. Between that and church camp, she had a lot of growing opportunities.



Micah is bringing up the rear, entering second grade.  You will be happy to know he isn’t into zombies like he used to be! We have moved to hermit crabs. Two are actually still living! That has been our summer addition. During the summer he developed a throat infection (not strep) that moved into an auto-immune disorder called Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP). We have a new dr due to insurance changes and she was a blesssing. She recognized it right away, but did several blood tests in order to rule out leukemia, cancer, mono, tick illnesses, and a variety of other illnesses. This HSP manifested itself with arthritis like symptoms, severe abdominal pain, and broken blood vessels. It lasted nearly 4 weeks and went away as quickly as it came. We are thankful we were able to treat it with pain meds. He was quite the trooper with shots, urine tests, and blood work. I am not above bribery! There was a chance of kidney damage long term so we are thankful there are no indications of that.

So that about wraps up our lives. I am continuing writing and publishing with A Widow’s Might. We have 4 devotionals available through our website. We are working on other projects as well. This does not bring in any income for me so I still have that concern on the horizon. What do I want to be when I grow up??

 Thanks for all your prayers. Here’s to another great school year.



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