A Biblical Charge


Sunday was such a special day.

We had a prayer for my eldest child during the service at church. Our pastor asked Stephen to stand and the congregation joined in prayer for his upcoming trip to University of Leicester England. He will  be continuing his  study of political science and economics.

I was concerned about sending him off by himself, like any mother would be, and God provided a traveling buddy for him. My best friends, Neil and Carol Stratmeyer, are traveling over with him and staying to vacation for a few days as an anniversary trip. What a blessing to have someone nearby for Stephen if he needs it.

His visa and finances for the trip have all come in and he is ready to go, short of packing!11996578_10204918497137290_1464797380_o

11995194_10204918496817282_1071047551_oSunday evening we were invited to Janet and Robert’s house for a goodbye dinner. Besides the awesome food, we had great conversation. At the end of the evening, we gathered to listen to Robert share from Scripture exactly what Stephen’s father would have wanted Stephen to hear. It was almost like I could hear Mr Mark sharing the “charge” that the Apostle Paul gave to Timothy. I was taken back to Christmas mornings when Mr Mark would always read the Christmas story to the kids before we opened presents. It tortured the children but also showed them the “reason for the season”.

Please remember to pray for Stephen and my family during the next year. I have no clue what emotions we will experience during this time. I know we can skype and email and call and facetime and whatever else. We certainly didn’t have that when I lived across the “pond”. Mr Mark and I earned airline miles for all the phone calls we had! Pray for his spi11995061_10204918495577251_1114217880_oritual and emotional strength. Pray for his opportunities to travel. Pray for safety. Pray for protection from evil. You know, all the things you would pray over your own child!



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