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OKC Marathon


Sunday marked an anniversary. It was the annual OKC Marathon. My late husband had run in it and also had been the registration chairman for the last few years. He loved being around all the runners and the excitement of what this particular marathon stands for. He had run with his boys.  They had completed several half marathons together.  One year Mark had finished the full marathon and ended up in the tent getting medical help, but that is another story.  Were there 2 or 3 Pirana Brothers in the tent together that year?  But last year was his last.  So this year, his ‘Pirana Brothers’ ran in his memory. They all wore signs .They wore their matching bright orange shirts.   I cried because these men loved him so much. I cried because Mark loved them. I cried because I loved him. I cried because I have wonderful friends. Next year I may feel like participating in the race. But this year I will just appreciate friends running in Mark’s memory.

mark marathon20130428-132254.jpg