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Military Funeral


Julian Sleeper as a paratrooper

I think it was my FIRST military funeral with all the bells and whistles. My uncle passed away in February of this year, just weeks after my husband and mere weeks before my own father.

We had a small graveside service at the oldest cemetery I have ever been to. The soldiers played taps and shot guns. But when the young military man got down on one knee and spoke directly to my cousin, thanking him for what his father had done in service to his country, I lost it. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the group.

Then my own father passed away and I again was faced with a military funeral. Somehow the memo got lost that mentioned my father serving 24 years and retiring a full colonel so all the military honors were not bestowed at the graveside. But when the young man kneeled at my mother’s chair and thanked her, I was quite moved again.

It fills my heart with patriotism when I see these events. As Veterans Day draws near, I have been thinking about these people more.
This week I attended a luncheon where retired General Rita Aragon spoke. It was very inspiring and also filled me with emotion as we watched a media collection of photos that had been turned in by the attendees. To see those sweet photos of actual family members was amazing. These were not just pictures of random men and women but blood relatives who were missed and loved. These were some who died for our freedom. These were dads. Brothers. Sisters. Mothers. Cousins. Sons. Daughters.
It just brought me to tears. Couple the pictures with Proud to be an American song, and I turned into a weeping mass in the chair.
I know our country has problems. I know we aren’t perfect. I know.
But we are very fortunate to grow up here in such great freedoms.
Thank you to my relatives that have served our country proudly.
Bud Dyer ( Mr Mark’s father)
Jennifer Dyer (Mr Mark’s sister)
Julian Sleeper (my father)
John Sleeper ( my uncle)
Beau Sleeper ( my cousin)
Ben Schnittger (my nephew-)
Mark McCorkle (Mr Mark’s Sister’s husband)

(Did I miss some of my relatives?  Tell me if I did.  )